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MDM Dancewear

Our choice of ballet shoes for young dancers. MDM Shoes are stocked in the Premier Dance Uniform Shop at our Milton premises. 


How is MDM different?

With the addition of the patented Dance Base Support technology, MDM footwear provides extra stimulation to the feet, which assists to better activate the intrinsic muscles automatically. Over time, this helps create the habitual, default movement pattern required for good technique and safe dance practice.

The Dance Base Support, constructed from a flexible EVA material, moulds to the arch of the foot to provide the equivalent resistance of a full sole. This is influential in developing the kinesthetic awareness of the feet required for optimal dance technique.

Over pronation is a common dance technical fault. Through the process of proprioception, the Dance Base Support encourages alignment awareness and the opportunity to make small adjustments to facilitate optimal positioning.

The Dance Base Support developed exclusively by MDM is made of an EVA, similar to that found in sports shoes. This EVA provides shock absorption and therefore protection from the impact of landing forces.

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