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Contemporary Dance Classes Available in Brisbane

With Classes Located in Milton & Clayfield

Do you enjoy challenging your dance style to accommodate all types of dance genres? Do you want to move in an improvised, freestyle form of dance? Contemporary dance might be the right choice for you. At Premier Dance Academy, we offer contemporary dance classes at our Brisbane locations in Milton and Clayfield for all students enrolled in RAD Grade 3 and up.

What Is Contemporary Dance?


Contemporary dance is a wide-ranging dance style that pulls elements from ballet, jazz and other modern dance styles. Contemporary dance allows the dancer to move freely, improvise dance routines and express themselves in a creative, fun way. Contemporary dance got its start during the first part of the 20th century.

What Classes Do We Offer?

We provide eligible students with different levels of contemporary dance. At Milton, we currently offer four dance class levels of contemporary dance:

  1. ​Contemporary #1

  2. Contemporary #2

  3. Contemporary #3

  4. Contemporary #4

At Clayfield, we currently provide two dance class levels of Contemporary #1 and #2. All contemporary dance students must also be enrolled in an equivalent RAD ballet class:

  1. Contemporary #1 students should also be in Grade 3 or 4 RAD ballet.

  2. Contemporary #2 students should also be in Grade 5 and Inter Found RAD ballet.

  3. Contemporary #3 students should also be in Intermediate RAD ballet.

  4. Contemporary #4 students should also be in Advanced RAD ballet.

You may look at our current 2019 timetables for Milton and Clayfield for days and times.

What Do Our Studios Offer?

If you want to experience the thrill and freedom of contemporary dance, our studios are perfect. They are equipped with safe flooring, full-length mirrors, air conditioning, audio-visual equipment and two-way glass windows for optimum practice and performance.

Call us on (07) 3369 1133 to learn more, or enrol today. We look forward to seeing you!