Junior Dancers

Premier Dance "Junior Dancers" program for children 16 months - Prep age. Developed over 26 years of specialised early childhood dance teaching.

We know how important a child’s first dance experience is (to you and to them) and pride ourselves on providing an exceptional, tailored program which not only nurtures their cognitive, physical, emotional and social development but focuses on fostering a love of dance through fun, imagination and creativity.


We believe that giving children the gift of expression through movement helps broaden vocabulary and communication and teaches persistence and focus while channelling their boundless energy in a productive, but most of all, FUN way.


One of the most important elements of our early childhood classes is our team of specialist teaching staff. All are highly trained and experienced as both educators and professional performers, hand-picked to ensure every Premier Dance student is inspired and nurtured along their dance journey.


Features of the Premier Dance Junior Dancers program:

  • Specialised dance tuition for 16 Months - Prep age.

  • Qualified and experienced, specialist dance teachers.

  • Term by term enrolment. No additional membership or joining fee.

  • No uniforms required - we encourage self-expression and creativity through dress at this age and encourage students to wear something that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful.

  • Viewing windows for all studios so parents can watch their young dancer and never miss a step.

  • Watching Week - Term 2 - Parents (and grandparents, aunties, uncles & friends) are invited into the studio for a special demonstration day.

  • Junior Concert - Term 4 - A very special performance experience for our youngest dancers. Your performer will show you what they’ve been working on throughout the year with their class, up on stage in divine, age-appropriate costumes.

  • A free Premier Dance Junior Dancer T-Shirt. Perfect for wearing during or to and from class, over your leggings, leo or tutu. This is included in your dancer’s enrolment and is our gift to you for dancing with us this year. 

ABC Dance

Movement & Music for 16 - 26 Months​. This class precedes our Toddler Dance program, introducing little ones to movement and music through the use of storytelling, song, dance, rhythm, props and instruments. Help them learn and develop movement, creativity and self-expression. Parent participation required.

Toddler Dance

An introduction to movement for children turning 3 in the year they attend. The main focus is on enjoyment and creativity through movement, music and mime. The children will gain a love for dance and music. During Term 1 and Term 2, a parent is also required to participate. Parents do not participate during Term 3 & 4.

Creative Dance

Designed for children in kindy, turning 4 or 5 in the year they attend. This class is designed to develop coordination, confidence and a sense of rhythm through movement, music and mime. The main focus is on enjoyment and creativity. The children will gain a love for dance and music. Creative Dance A is suggested for students who are turning 4 in the year they attend. Creative Dance B is suggested for students who are turning 5 in the year they attend or in their second year of Creative Dance. Creative Dance C classes are for children turning 4 or 5 in the year they attend and can be in their first or second year of Creative Dance. 

Prep Dance

For children who are in Prep at school in the year they attend. A gentle introduction into classical ballet technique. Focus is on rhythm and dance skills. As with Creative Dance there is a large emphasis on creativity.

Creative Jazz & Tap and Mini Jazz & Tap

Similar to Creative Dance, but with a focus on tap and jazz, rather than classical ballet.

Creative Jazz and Tap is for children turning 4 & 5 in the year they attend and Mini Jazz and Tap is for students turning 5 & 6 in the year they attend (and in Prep at school). Students will require both tap and jazz shoes.

All Junior Dancer classes are offered at our Milton and Clayfield locations.