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2021 Junior Dancers

Performance Participation Form

To register your child's participation in the Showcase or Concert performances for 2021, please complete the form below. Please complete a new form for each child.

This form is for Junior Dancer classes only - Creative Dance (A, B or C), Prep Dance, Creative/Prep Dance Creative Jazz & Tap, Mini Jazz & Tap, and Creative/Mini Jazz & Tap



Choose an option:


Choose an option:
Concert Choice

Performing in a Showcase or Concert is a team commitment and involves lots of hard work from students and teachers to put together an entertaining performance for family and friends. Please ensure you have thoroughly read through the Showcase Information &/or Concert Information. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the conditions and requirements as outlined, including:

  • Performing with the group/s entered above in the corresponding performance time.

  • Payment of the non-refundable Showcase &/or Concert Levy by Wednesday 25th August.

  • Providing the appropriate performers requirements for your class (i.e. shoes, tights etc).

  • Attendance of at least 90% of classes during Term 3 and 4 in the lead up to performances.

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