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Performing Classes (ages 6 – 18):

Junior Jazz – Advanced Jazz

Junior Tap – Advanced Tap

All Hip Hop  

RAD Ballet Pre-Primary – Advanced 2

Beginner Open Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary

All Musical Theatre

All Acro

All Singing

All Contemporary

All CSTD Jazz

All Company Performance Groups

Optional item for Junior Dancers (aged 3-6)


If your child is aged 3 – 6 and currently enrolled in Creative Dance, Prep Dance, Creative Jazz & Tap, Mini Jazz & Tap, they will perform in the Showcase Performances only (see 2021 Showcase Performance Information document)

In November 2021 we will be back in the theatre for our End of Year Concerts for all students in the classes listed above. Students will learn a group dance item during classes in Term 3 and Term 4. Learning a dance as a class group develops skills in choreography retention, musicality, teamwork, and performance, whilst building stamina, memory, and confidence. Most of all, performing is lots of fun and the kids have the time of their lives putting on a stunning costume and presenting their dance to you.


Performing on the day is completely optional, so even if your child is not ready or comfortable to take part in the End of Year Concert, they will still gain all the important skills listed above from their learning in class.

Date: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November


Location: St Peter’s Lutheran College, Performing Arts Centre, Indooroopilly


Duration:  Approximately 2 hours.

Rehearsals: Regular classes only. No additional rehearsals unless notified.

Performances: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th November 2021

Show A - Saturday 13th November 9am

Show B - Saturday 13th November 1pm

Show C - Saturday 13th November 5pm

Show D - Sunday 14th November 9am

Show E - Sunday 14th November 1pm

Show F - Sunday 14th November 5pm


All students will perform one dance in one show, except for Company performance groups who perform in all shows.

See Concert Schedule for your child's performance details.

Please understand that we cannot always get siblings classes in the same shows. However, you will be eligible for TWO complimentary tickets to one show if you are in this situation. Refer to the Rehearsal & Performance Schedule, which is accompanying this email and is also available for viewing on our website, for your child’s rehearsal and performance details.


Performing in the concert is optional. We will need you to confirm your child’s participation so that we can allocate costumes and choreography appropriately. If your child cannot take part in the performance, they can still participate in all classes and will learn the concert dance like everyone else. This enables them to all learn many important performance skills, develop their ability to retain choreography and have the very important role of being a rehearsal understudy, which is very helpful to their classmates and teachers.


No extra rehearsals except for usual classes during the term. Regular attendance during Term 3 and Term 4 is expected if you choose to participate. We are giving you as much information in advance to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether your child will be able to participate.  Performing is optional for all students. 



Students are supervised by Premier Dance staff throughout all performances. You will drop off your child with their group at the drop off time (see attached Concert Schedule) and collect them after the completion of their Concert.


Concert Levy:

The Concert Levy is required for all performers and covers the following:


  • Hire of all costumes - supplied by Premier Dance.

  • Coordination and supervision by Premier Dance staff throughout your child’s Concert performance.

  • 2021 Concert T-Shirt

  • Professional video recording of your child’s Concert (supplied digitally)


The Showcase Levy per student is $100 for one style of dance (e.g. ballet), $150 for two styles (e.g. ballet & jazz), $200 for three or more styles (e.g. ballet, jazz & tap).



There is NO costume making or buying required, as we supply all costumes. Most dance schools require you to purchase all costumes outright, which can cost $150 per item and add up to hundreds of dollars. Other schools may ask you to purchase the materials and sew your own costumes. The Premier Dance Academy owns an extensive costume wardrobe and regularly purchases brand new, professionally made dance costumes of the highest quality. Hire of your child’s costumes is included in the Concert Levy. Some of this levy will go towards new costumes, replacement of damaged costumes, repairs, and cleaning of costumes after the concerts. We cannot sell the costumes individually as each belongs to a complete group.



We will be starting in-class group dance learning during classes in Term 3 along with the normal class content. If you commit to performing in the Concert, it is essential that your child has regular attendance at their classes wherever possible. If your child is absent for multiple classes in a row, they will miss out on learning large sections of the choreography.


Professional Photographs & Video:

Photo Weeks will be held during normal classes during the dates below, with professional photographs taken by Ranald Simmonds Photography. These will be available for ordering via their website after this time. These are an optional extra for those who would like to purchase individual photos of their child in costume. All students will have the experience of professional photo shoot in costume regardless of whether or not they have chosen to perform.


Milton Photo Week: Monday 11th – Saturday 16th October

Clayfield Photo Week: Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd October


All Concerts will be recorded by professional dance videographer Limelight Multimedia. The recording of your child’s Concert will be provided to you via digital download link. This is included in your Concert Levy.


Personal video recording of any kind including videoing on your phone is not allowed into the auditorium due to music copyright laws. We no longer provide the concert video as a DVD or USB. This was previously an expensive and tedious process (additional $70+ per family), but we have now sourced an alternative method which will allow all performers to access video recordings for viewing online and digital download. This will be a much more time and cost-effective solution which we are so pleased to be able to provide.



Will be sold online - more information to come in Term 4.

Performing students will NOT require a ticket, except for those in the Junior Dancers item (Toddler, Creative & Prep), who will receive one complimentary ticket and go into the audience with their families after their item.

If you need to attend more than one showcase because your child has items in different shows or siblings in different shows, we will provide you with two complimentary tickets to one show when tickets to the other show have been purchased (more information to come in Term 4).


Performer Requirements:

Available from our Milton Uniform Shop (Bulk order for tights & flesh leotards in Term 4)

  • All ballet students need clean ballet shoes & ballet tights.

  • Jazz, Tap & Musical Theatre students need tan coloured jazz/tap shoes and jazz tights.

  • Acro students do not require shoes or tights.

  • Hip Hop students need to provide their own footwear (runners or sneakers).

  • Singing students will be required to wear tan coloured jazz shoes and jazz tights.

  • Junior Dancers will need clean ballet shoes & ballet tights.

  • We highly recommend that all students have a flesh leotard/undergarment to wear underneath their costumes.

  • If your child would like to wear briefs, please ensure these are plain nude or pale pink. No bright colours, patterns or images as these will be seen under costumes. An appropriate style from Bonds -


Hair & Makeup:

  • Makeup is highly recommended for all performers but not compulsory.

  • Please understand that the students are performing in a professional theatre with strong stage lighting and without makeup, their faces will appear very washed out to the audience and on the video.

  • All performers (except for Hip Hop & Drama) must wear their hair in a neat ballet bun, secured at the centre back of the head with a strong hair elastic, hair net, bun pins and hairspray.

  • Boys and girls with short hair styles should have hair styled neatly of the face with hairspray/gel.

  • Bun Tutorials -

  • Makeup Tutorial -

How to participate:

Please refer to the 2021 Concert Schedule and note the times for your child’s performance before committing to the performance. Check the class name, time, and teacher to ensure you have your child’s correct group. Please check your Term 3 invoice if you are unsure.




If your child WILL be performing in the Concert:

To confirm your child’s participation, please complete the online Concert Participation Form by Wednesday 18th August.

For all Junior Dancers(Toddler - Prep age), please only use the Junior Dancers Performance Participation Form. 

After 18th August, will send you an invoice for your Concert Levy with payment due by Wednesday 25th August. After confirming your child’s participation via the form above, you are welcome to make an instalment payment at any time by visiting our office or phoning 3369 1133. We will apply any advance payments to your account which will appear as a credit on the invoice for your Concert Levy.

If your child WILL NOT be performing in the showcase:

Please let us know by filling out the Concert Participation Form.


If your child cannot take part in the performance, they will still participate in all classes and will learn the showcase dance with their group. This enables them to all learn many important performance skills, develop their ability to retain choreography and have the very important role of being a rehearsal understudy, which is very helpful to their classmates and teachers. Learning these skills is an important element of dance tuition.

Important – please read carefully:

Performing is a team commitment and involves lots of hard work from students and teachers to put together an entertaining performance for family and friends. It requires additional cost to parents, as outlined above, as well as the extra rehearsal time and attendance at all regular classes throughout the term. Please consider if you can meet these requirements before committing to the Showcase.


If your child is available and would like to perform, we strongly recommend the experience. Performances are a young dancer’s dream fulfilled and will be a highlight of your family’s year.

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