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After School Dance Program

for Clayfield College Pre-Prep & Prep students

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Students will be collected from their classroom at 2:30pm (Pre-Prep) or 3:00pm (Prep) and accompanied to the Premier Dance Academy studios in the Clayfield College P.E. Centre for their class and should then be collected at the end of class by their parents.




About Ballet:

This class is designed to develop coordination, confidence and a sense of rhythm through movement, music and mime. The main focus is on enjoyment and creativity. The children will gain a love for dance and music. A gentle introduction into classical ballet technique. Focus is on rhythm and dance skills.

About Jazz & Tap:

Classes are taught in a free syllabus style where students are taught the latest steps to popular music. Jazz is an upbeat modern dance style that promotes fitness, flexibility and a healthy self-esteem.

Cost: $240 per day per term


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