There have been some hesitations and questions regarding dance spaces at home. Don’t feel at all like you need to replicate the studio, especially in floor area, however we do have some suggestions which might help you create a more comfortable dancing space in your home.


Floor Area:

An area of approximately 2m x 2m will be suitable for most dancers. All our classes will be designed to be taken in a small area and the teachers will give suggestions on how to make adjustments to exercises to suit.

We generally do not recommend dancing on concrete (e.g. in a garage) as this does not provide any cushioning for the joints and could contribute to injuries over time, however there are some surfaces you could lay to make a safer dance space. If concrete or tiles are your only option, we recommend wearing your dance shoes for low impact exercises and changing into runners for any high impact work (i.e. jumps for ballet students).


Flooring for Junior Dancers (ABC – Prep):

Most young dancers should find that dancing on any timber or carpeted area perfectly suitable. As there might be some activities in a seated position, we would recommend either finding an inside space or using an exercise/yoga mat/towel in a garage or outdoor area.


Flooring For Tap:

You can purchase a small sheet of MDF from Bunnings. This will make a great sounding tapping surface and also protect your floors! 6mm or 9mm thickness is recommended.


Flooring For Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop & Contemporary:

Your floors at home should be okay for most exercises, however, if you would like to replicate the studio environment further, you could purchase a small piece of vinyl flooring. Bunnings have some cost-effective options.

If you would like a professional-grade option, we can give you a contact to purchase a piece of Tarkett vinyl, which is the brand of dance floor vinyl in some of our studios. A practice piece measuring 2m x 1m can be ordered for $200 and will be available for collection from the studio. Please email us with your interest and we will provide further info on ordering.


Ballet Barre:

We have already seen many wonderful at-home ballet barres, including kitchen benches, veranda balustrades and backs of sofas which are perfectly suitable for a class.

However, if you would like to invest in something more purpose-built, one of our wonderful Premier Dance families are making their own at-home ballet barres which can be custom made and picked up locally. Please see the flyer below for more details:

Ballet Barre V2 (1).jpg