TERM 2 2020

Term 2 Week 8 - Commencing Monday 8th June

All students currently enrolled in our online Zoom classes are invited to either continue on Zoom from your homes OR to come to the MILTON studio to take class at no extra cost. 


***** There are limited places available for some classes if you are not already enrolled in online classes and wish to participate in these classes in the studio. Please contact our office for available times and to book *****

Term 2 Week 9 & 10 - Commencing Monday 15th June

All students who were enrolled at the Premier Dance Academy in TERM 1 2020 are invited to return to both the MILTON and CLAYFIELD studios at no extra cost. As we were forced to close, these lessons will act as make up classes for the last two weeks of Term 1 that you had pre-paid for.


*****There are limited extra places available for some classes. Please contact us if you wish to add to or change your enrolment. Trial classes also available for new students in some classes. Please advise if you WILL NOT be attending so that our rolls are up to date for COVID recording*****

Additional notes:

  • All students who were enrolled for online Zoom classes in Week 9 & 10 have been credited for these two weeks.

  • All Week 9 & 10 studio classes are at no extra cost as these are makeups from Term 1 Week 9 & 10. All Term 1 enrolments have been rolled over to this period. Please advise if you will not be attending.

  • Due to number restrictions there will be NO Stretch & Conditioning classes at Milton in Week 9 & 10. All students in these classes in Term 1 have been credited.

  • Due to number restrictions there will be NO Company classes at Milton in Week 9 & 10. These classes will be made up later in the year.

  • Private Lessons from Term 1 have not been rolled over to this period. Please contact us if you wish to book private lessons from 15th - 27th June.

All families must carefully read through our COVID-19 reopening procedures before attending the studios