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The Class Award is a gentle introduction to ballet assessments, and a precursor to RAD Examinations, which can be taken from Primary Ballet (Grade 2 at school). Students enter the Class Award in groups of 4 - 8, and perform their Pre-Primary ballet work for a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Examiner. One of our wonderful teachers will accompany the dancers into the Class Award, and lead them through their exercises.


Students must demonstrate consistent attendance at their classes to be considered for a Class Award.  Students will receive a certificate, result and badge to acknowledge their successful completion of the level.


Entries for the Pre-Primary Class Award are due 11am, Saturday 20th April. Unfortunately, late entries cannot be accepted.



Students wishing to participate in a Royal Academy of Dance ballet examination are required to attend 2x compulsory workshops on Sunday 28/07 & 04/08 (including parent viewing on 04/08).


Pre-Primary Class Award - Workshop Schedule:

28th July & 4th August: 8am - 9am (Parent viewing - 4th August, 8:30am)




Students are assessed on their presentation on exam day. Pre-Primary level requires a pink Premier Dance leotard and skirt with ballet tights & shoes in good condition. Hair in a slick ballet bun is required, and we will provide a matching blossom on exam day. Boys require a white Premier Dance leotard with navy ballet tights, white shoes & socks.


If you require any uniform items, you can pre-order uniforms via your Customer Portal or visit us at the front desk at Milton or Clayfield.


If your child has any impossible dates for their examination (e.g. NAPLAN, camp etc.), please advise us via email as soon as possible.


2024 RAD Pre-Primary Class Award

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