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How To Enrol - New Family

Please follow these steps to enrol for 203: 

  1. View the 2023 Timetable for Milton or Clayfield and choose your preferred classes.

  2. Click the red button above to go to our Online Registration system.

  3. Select classes you would like to enrol in and complete registration.

  4. Once your enrolment has been processed by our admin team, you will receive an email from us with an invoice for the term fees. 

  5. When this invoice is finalised, your enrolment for the term will be confirmed. 

Some things to remember:​

  • Please use the timetables as a guide when selecting classes to enrol in online and ensure the “Age/Requirements” column is followed. 

  • All class types marked with a * require enrolment in both class times. This generally applies to all RAD Ballet Grades from Primary (Grade 2 at school) & up, who must attend twice per week. 

  • All class types marked with a # require enrolment in RAD Ballet as a requisite. This applies to all Contemporary, Company & CSTD Jazz classes. 

  • If you cannot see the class you are looking for in the enrolment system, it may be fully booked. Please select another option or contact us to be placed on a waitlist.

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