After School Dance Program

for Clayfield College Pre-Prep students

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Students will be collected from their classroom at 2:30pm and accompanied to the Premier Dance Academy studios in the Clayfield College P.E. Centre for their class from 2:45pm - 3:30pm, and should then be collected by their parents.

Mondays - Ballet

Thursdays - Jazz & Tap

About Ballet:

This class is designed to develop coordination, confidence and a sense of rhythm through movement, music and mime. The main focus is on enjoyment and creativity. The children will gain a love for dance and music.A gentle introduction into classical ballet technique. Focus is on rhythm and dance skills.

About Jazz & Tap:

Classes are taught in a free syllabus style where students are taught the latest steps to popular music. Jazz is an upbeat modern dance style that promotes fitness, flexibility and a healthy self-esteem.

Cost: $200 per day per term

Cost: $200 per term per day