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Performing Classes:

MILTON: Pre-Kindy Dance, Pre-Kindy/Kindy Dance, Kindy Dance, Kindy/Prep Dance, Prep Dance, Tiny/Mini Jazz & Tap, Mini Jazz & Tap, Beginner Dance 1 & 2, Pre-Primary RAD Ballet, Primary RAD Ballet, Junior Singing, Junior/Pre-Inter Singing, Senior Singing, Junior Jazz, Junior/Pre-Inter Jazz, Junior Hip Hop 1 & 2, Acro 1, Musical Theatre 1, Company Groups.

CLAYFIELD: Pre-Kindy Dance, Pre-Kindy/Kindy Dance, Kindy Dance, Prep Dance, Tiny Jazz & Tap, Tiny/Mini Jazz & Tap, Mini Jazz & Tap, Beginner Dance, Pre-Primary RAD Ballet, Primary RAD Ballet, Junior/Pre-Inter Tap, Acro 1, Junior/Pre-Inter Hip Hop, Junior/Pre-Inter Jazz, Company Groups.

All other classes will perform in the Senior Concert on 7 - 10 December. Please see separate information for these groups.

Date: Saturday 11th November 

Location: St Peters Lutheran College Performing Arts Centre (click here for map)

Duration:  Between 45 minutes - 1.5 hours

Junior Concert 1: Saturday 11th November 9:30am (performer arrival 8:45am)

Junior Concert 2: Saturday 11th November 12:00pm (performer arrival 11:15am)

Junior Concert 3: Saturday 11th November 2:30pm (performer arrival 1:45pm)

Junior Concert 4: Saturday 11th November 5:00pm (performer arrival 4:15pm)

See Junior Concert Schedules below for your child's class performance details: 






Concert registration has now closed. 


Junior Concert Information UPDATE 03/11

We are excited to be almost in the final week of preparation for our 2023 Junior Concert. We acknowledge that this is a busy time for everyone and there has been a large amount of information emailed to you. We endeavour to provide you with all the necessary information in one place to ensure the smooth running of the event and, most importantly, for the safety and enjoyment of our students. Please read the below final details carefully. 

Drop Off Time: 

All performers in the Junior Concert are to be dropped off to the theatre 45 minutes prior to their concert start time (see performer arrival time above). Please allow plenty of time for parking and walking in as students need to be checked in with their group at the drop off time.

Drop Off Locations:

Creative Dance & Pre-Kindy Dance (including Pre-Kindy/Kindy classes):

  • Drop off at the Theatrette – ground floor, through the main glass doors on the right-hand side.

Kindy Dance, Prep Dance & Creative/Mini Jazz & Tap:

  • Drop off at Stage Door – ground floor, through the main glass doors and continue to the back of the foyer.


Grade 1 at school and upwards (Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Acro 1, Musical Theatre 1 and ALL Company Classes):

  • Drop off inside the main auditorium – please walk your child in to sit in the seats with their class group.

Backstage Area:

Only performers and staff will be permitted backstage and in dressing rooms. We understand your concerns if this is your first concert with us and we assure you that your child will be cared for and supervised at all times by Premier Dance staff. The safety and wellbeing of our students is our top priority. 


Performers will be taken for water/food and toilet breaks as required and can watch other performances on backstage TVs and may be taken to the balcony to watch parts of the performance.


All Premier Dance staff are up to date on First Aid and CPR training. Should your child be unhappy or unwell, we will contact you so that you can come and meet them. Please relax and enjoy the show! 


What to Bring:

Please ensure ALL belongings brought & worn to the theatre by students are clearly named. Send a named water bottle and non-messy snacks (no nut products please). If your child has a medical condition or allergy which may require medication, please ensure this is clearly named and sent along in their bag, along with a copy of their action plan. 


Your performer will receive their Concert T-Shirt at the theatre to wear home.


Performers should arrive at the theatre with makeup and hair done, tights on and correct footwear in their bag. It is not necessary to wear your class leotard or uniform but please wear clothes over the top of your tights. Students in multiple items in one show should bring all tights & shoes in their bag and we will help them put on the correct ones for each item. Please advise staff at drop off if this applies to your child.


Please see the Performer Requirements page for what your performer requires for shoes, tights, hair, and makeup.  

Hair & Makeup:

As we are performing under theatrical lighting, some stage makeup is highly recommended for all performers to ensure their beautiful faces can be seen by the audience. As we are performing in a professional theatre with strong stage lighting, faces on stage can appear very washed out to the audience and on the video. We recommend - matte foundation, blush/bronzer, brown eyeshadow, brown/black eyeliner & mascara, red stay-fast lipstick. Please no coloured eyeshadows or glitter.


All Ballet and Junior Dancers (Creative - Prep) must wear their hair in a neat ballet bun, secured at the centre back of the head with a strong hair elastic, hair net, bun pins and hairspray. You may use a bun donut in the smallest size (max. 6cm) for girls with very fine hair. All other styles should wear a slick pony tail, secured at the back of the head with a strong hair elastic & hairspray. Boys and girls with short hair styles should have hair styled neatly off the face with hairspray/gel.


Before the Show: 

Once you have dropped off your performers you are welcome to use the outside amphitheatre to wait until the show begins. The canteen at the bottom of the amphitheatre will be open selling cold drinks and snacks. Please ensure you have taken your seat in the auditorium well before the show start time as the doors will be closed once the show has begun.

After the Show: 

All performers under 12 will be brought to the stage to be collected. Please remain in your seats at the end of the show and listen for the announcement of your child's class. One parent to come to the stage to collect your performer.


Tickets: Adults $25 / Children $15 

All attendees occupying a seat will need a ticket. Performers do not require a ticket for their own show. Please show your booking confirmation either on your phone or printed. Ticket sales are online only through the Trybooking link above. 

Junior Concert Information 08/08

Performance Details:

Each class (see top of page for participating age groups) will perform one item in one of the performance times listed above.

We revise the structure of our concerts each year to suit the size of the school, availability of theatre, school dates etc. While we do our best to avoid clashes with other important events in our students' calendars, this is unfortunately not always possible as it is such a busy time of year.


As we hold a number of short shows, regretfully we cannot always get siblings classes in the same concert.  However, you will be eligible for TWO complimentary tickets to one show if you are in this situation. Refer to the Concert Schedule, which is linked above, for the performance details for all classes.

We are sure you will have lots of questions about the concerts, especially if this is your first year with us.  We try to provide as much information as possible up front to ensure everything is covered on this page (sorry, we know it's a long one!), however if you have any questions after reading it, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We understand concerts are a big commitment at a very busy time of year, and that they can be daunting for young dancers and first-time performers. Please reach out to our team (who have been coordinating concerts like this for almost 30 years!) with your concerns and we will do our best to help ease your worries. Most importantly, we want all dancers to have the very best performance experience and to have the opportunity to show you what they have been working on during their classes this year. However, our concerts are always optional for all dancers, and no one will be disadvantaged in any way if you choose not to take part.



No extra rehearsals except for usual classes during the term. Regular attendance during Term 3 and Term 4 is expected if you choose to participate.  Performing is optional for all students. 



Students are supervised by Premier Dance staff throughout all performances. You will drop off your child with their group at the drop off time (see Concert Schedule) and collect them from the stage after the completion of their Concert.​


Cost: Junior Concert Levy

Students who attend one class per week: $100 Concert Levy

Students who attend two classes per week (e.g. ballet + jazz/tap): $140 Concert Levy

Students who attend three classes per week (e.g. jazz + tap + hip hop): $180 Concert Levy 

Students who attend four classes per week (e.g. ballet + jazz + tap + hip hop): $220 Concert Levy 

Family Concert Levy Cap - 20% discount off total over $500

Levy Includes:

  • Hire of all costumes - supplied by Premier Dance

  • Coordination and supervision by Premier Dance staff throughout your child’s concert experience 

  • 2023 Junior Concert T-Shirt

  • Professional video recording of your child’s concert (supplied via digital streaming/download link).

Other Costs: 

Junior Concert audience tickets $25 Adults/$15 Children (bookings will open late October), shoes, tights, undergarments, hair & makeup supplies, professional photographs (option to purchase after Photo Week)

*N.B. The Junior Concert Levy is non-refundable



There is NO costume making or buying required, as we supply all costumes. Most dance schools require you to purchase all costumes outright, which can cost $150 per item and add up to hundreds of dollars. Other schools may ask you to purchase the materials and sew your own costumes. The Premier Dance Academy owns an extensive costume wardrobe and regularly purchases brand new, professionally made dance costumes of the highest quality. Hire of your child’s costumes is included in the Concert Levy. Some of this levy will go towards new costumes, replacement of damaged costumes, repairs, and cleaning of costumes after the concerts. We cannot sell the costumes individually as each belongs to a complete group.



We will be starting in-class group dance learning during classes in Term 3 along with the normal class content. If you commit to performing in the Concert, it is essential that your child has regular attendance at their classes wherever possible. If your child is absent for multiple classes in a row, they will miss out on learning large sections of the choreography. There are no additional rehearsals outside of regular classes.


Professional Photographs & Video:

Photo Weeks will be held during normal classes in Term 4 with professional photographs taken by Ranald Simmonds Photography. These will be available for ordering via their website after this time. These are an optional extra for those who would like to purchase individual photos of their child in costume. All students will have the experience of professional photo shoot in costume regardless of whether or not they have chosen to perform. 

Clayfield Photo Week: Monday 23 October – Saturday 28 October

Milton Photo Week: Monday 30 October – Saturday 4 November


All Concerts will be recorded by professional dance videographer, Limelight Multimedia. The recording of your child’s Concert will be provided to you via digital download link. This is included in your Concert Levy.

Performer Requirements:

Each class style has shoe, tights, undergarment & hair/makeup requirements. Click here for detailed information.

We understand you may have some questions about the concerts, especially if this is your first year with us. We try to provide as much information as possible up front to ensure everything is covered on this page (sorry, we know it's a long one!), however if you have any questions after reading through this page please don't hesitate to contact us.

Junior Concert registration is now closed. 
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