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Creative Dance Students 

Performing Classes:
  • MILTON: Pre-Kindy Dance, Pre-Kindy/Kindy Dance, Kindy Dance, Kindy/Prep Dance, Prep Dance, Tiny/Mini Jazz & Tap, Mini Jazz & Tap, Beginner Dance 1 & 2, Pre-Primary RAD Ballet, Primary RAD Ballet, Junior Singing, Junior/Pre-Inter Singing, Senior Singing, Junior Jazz, Junior/Pre-Inter Jazz, Junior Hip Hop 1 & 2, Acro 1, Musical Theatre 1, Company Groups.

  • CLAYFIELD: Pre-Kindy Dance, Pre-Kindy/Kindy Dance, Kindy Dance, Prep Dance, Tiny Jazz & Tap, Tiny/Mini Jazz & Tap, Mini Jazz & Tap, Beginner Dance, Pre-Primary RAD Ballet, Primary RAD Ballet, Junior/Pre-Inter Tap, Acro 1, Junior/Pre-Inter Hip Hop, Junior/Pre-Inter Jazz, Company Groups.

  • Plus, optional item for Creative Dance students.

All other classes will perform in the Senior Concert in December. Please see separate information for these groups.

Date: Saturday 11th November 

Location: St Peters Lutheran College, Indooroopilly - PAC

Duration: 45 minutes - 1.5 hours

Junior Concert 1: 9:30am

Junior Concert 2: 12:00pm

Junior Concert 3: 2:30pm

Junior Concert 4: 5:00pm


Junior Concert Information for Creative Dance students:

We understand at age 2 - 3 many students will not yet be ready to perform but we also know some of you might be keen to give it a go. Creative Dance students have the option to choose which Junior Concert (1, 2, 3 or 4 - see times above) to perform in. Please note: If we do not get enough performers for one of the times, we may ask you to change to another group once registrations have closed. 



Performing is completely optional for all students. Creative Dance students who wish to participate may nominate their preferred Junior Concert time. This performance will not be specifically with your usual class group, but you're welcome to chat with other members of your class and choose a concert to perform in together.

Short Performances: 
These are in a short format similar to our 2022 Junior Concerts. Each performance will be 45-60 minutes long and include an entertaining variety of items from some of the classes listed above.


Students are supervised by Premier Dance staff throughout all performances. You will drop off your child with their group at the drop off time (see Concert Schedule) and collect them from the stage after the completion of their concert.

No Rehearsals:

As our little Creative Dancers are not quite at the stage of retaining choreography, they will not be required to remember a dance or attend a rehearsal. All Creative Dance classes will learn a special performance dance in their classes during Term 4 which will be similar to their concert item. They will dance on-stage under the instructions of our Creative Dance teachers doing steps they are familiar with from their classes this year. 


All performers will wear a beautiful costume supplied from the Premier Dance costume wardrobe. Hire is included in the Concert Levy.

Hair & Makeup: 

Girls should wear hair up (ponytail or bun, if possible), slicked back with gel/hairspray and boys/girls with short hair should have it styled neatly off the face. As we are performing under theatrical lighting, stage makeup is highly recommended for all performers to ensure their beautiful faces can be seen by the audience and on the video. Of course, makeup is at your discretion for this age group. 

Other Requirements:

All Creative Dance performers will require ballet shoes & ballet tights.

Professional Photographs & Video:

Photo Weeks will be held during normal classes in Term 4 with professional photographs taken by Ranald Simmonds Photography. These will be available for ordering via their website after this time. These are an optional extra for those who would like to purchase individual photos of their child in costume. All students will have the experience of professional photo shoot in costume regardless of whether or not they have chosen to perform. 

Clayfield Photo Week: Monday 23 October - Saturday 28 October

Milton Photo Week: Monday 30 October - Saturday 4 October


All Concerts will be recorded by professional dance videographer, Limelight Multimedia. The recording of your child’s Concert will be provided to you via digital download link. This is included in your Concert Levy.

Cost: Junior Concert Levy

Creative Dance: $100 Concert Levy

Levy Includes:

  • Hire of all costumes - supplied by Premier Dance

  • Coordination and supervision by Premier Dance staff throughout your child’s concert experience 

  • 2023 Junior Concert T-Shirt

  • Professional video recording of your child’s concert (supplied via digital streaming/download link).

Other Costs: 

Audience tickets (bookings will open late October - $25 adults/$15 children), shoes/tights/undergarments, hair & makeup supplies, professional photographs (option to purchase after Photo Week)

*N.B. The Junior Concert Levy is non-refundable


What to do next?

  • Read through the detailed information above about the Junior Concert and decide if you would like your child to participate.

  • Register your child’s participation by Thursday 24 August via the online registration and concert levy payment form below.​​

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