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Premier Dance Jazz Exam 2023

Entries are due Monday 17th July. Late entries cannot be accepted.

We would like to offer your child the opportunity to take part in a Premier Dance Jazz Exam, to be held in August this year at the Premier Dance Academy Milton studios. The Jazz Exam is open to any students enrolled in Jazz (Junior, Pre-Inter, Inter, Sub-Senior, Senior & Advanced) who have attended classes in Term 1 & 2. All assessments are held on a weekday during school time. 


In a Jazz Exam, students perform the exercises that have been covered in their classes throughout the year to a panel of two examiners. Students will receive an assessment report, certificate, and medal.  


Assessments are always optional at Premier Dance. The Jazz Exam is not compulsory but is a fun experience, giving students a goal to work toward and an opportunity to gain written feedback. If you choose not to enter, your child’s progress WILL NOT be affected; they will be eligible to move to the next grade and do an assessment next year if they choose.



Students wishing to participate in the test must commit to regular class attendance and participate fully in their classes throughout Term 2 & 3. They will also be required to attend one compulsory workshop at the Milton studios on Sunday 6th August - please do not enter if you are unavailable on this date. Times will be allocated once we have received all entries.


The Jazz Exam will be held during school time in the week beginning Monday 7th August. An exact date and time will be sent to you once we have received all entries. Students will be required for approximately 1 hour on the exam day.  



Please contact our office if you require any of the items listed below. Grooming and presentation are assessed; no earrings, makeup or nail polish may be worn, and hair must be neatly pulled back off the face in a ponytail or bun.




• Premier Dance Black Bike Shorts/Leggings

• Premier Dance Black Singlet Top/Crop Top

• Tan Jazz Shoes

• Tan Jazz Socks or Tights



  • Black Shorts

  • White or Black T-Shirt or Singlet Top

  • Black Jazz Shoes

  • Black Socks


To enter: Complete the online registration & payment below by Monday 17th July. By registering your child's participation in the Jazz Test you agree to attend all regular classes during Term 2 & 3, and the compulsory workshops on Sunday 6th August. 

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