Performing Classes:

Creative Dance A, B & C

Creative/Prep Dance

Prep Dance

Creative & Mini Jazz & Tap

All Company Performance Groups

All Drama classes

Date: Sunday 24th October 

Location: Clayfield College 

Duration:  Between 30 – 45 minutes 

Show A – Sunday 24th October 10:00am

Show B - Sunday 24th October 12:00pm

Show C – Sunday 24th October 1:30pm

Show D - Sunday 24th October 3:00pm


See Showcase Schedule for the performance time and arrival time for your child's class. 

Performance Details:

Each class (see top of page for participating age groups) will perform one item in one of the performance times listed above.


As we hold a number of short shows, regretfully we cannot always get siblings classes in the same Showcase.  However, you will be eligible for TWO complimentary tickets to one show if you are in this situation. Refer to the Showcase Schedule, which is accompanying this email and is also available for viewing on our website, for the performance details for all classes.



No extra rehearsals except for usual classes during the term. Regular attendance during Term 3 and Term 4 is expected if you choose to participate. Performing is optional for all students. 



Students are supervised by Premier Dance staff throughout all performances. You will drop off your child with their group at the drop off time (see attached Showcase Schedule) and collect them from the stage after the completion of their Showcase.


Showcase Levy:

  • Hire of all costumes - supplied by Premier Dance.

  • Coordination and supervision by Premier Dance staff throughout your child’s Showcase performance.

  • 2021 Showcase T-Shirt Professional video recording of your child’s Showcase (supplied digitally


There is NO costume making or buying required, as we supply all costumes. Hire of your child’s costumes is included in the Showcase Levy. Some of this levy will go towards new costumes, replacement of damaged costumes, repairs, and cleaning of costumes after the concerts. We cannot sell the costumes individually as each belongs to a complete group.



We will be starting in-class group dance learning during classes in Term 3 along with the normal class content. If you commit to performing in the Showcase, it is essential that your child has regular attendance at their classes wherever possible. If your child is absent for multiple classes in a row, they will miss out on learning large sections of the choreography.


Professional Photographs & Video:

Photo Weeks will be held during normal classes during the dates below, with professional photographs taken by Ranald Simmonds Photography. These will be available for ordering via their website after this time. These are an optional extra for those who would like to purchase individual photos of their child in costume. All students will have the experience of professional photo shoot in costume regardless of whether or not they have chosen to perform.


Milton Photo Week: Monday 11th – Saturday 16th October

Clayfield Photo Week: Monday 18th – Thursday 21st October


All Showcases will be recorded by professional dance videographer Limelight Multimedia. The recording of your child’s Showcase will be provided to you via digital download link. This is included in your Showcase Levy.


On sale from 11am Tuesday 28th September via Trybooking - https://www.trybooking.com/815383

MULTIPLE SHOWCASES/CONCERTS: You may be eligible to receive Complimentary Tickets (2 x Adult Tickets) to additional shows if you need to watch more than one show to view all your child's items or have multiple children in different shows or in the Concert (13/14 November). 

How to request Complimentary Tickets:

This simple system allows you to choose all of your own seats and have all of your tickets available to you at the time of booking. 

Step 1: Order tickets to ALL shows that you need to watch via the Trybooking link above. 

Step 2: Email staff@thepremierdance.com with the subject line “COMPLIMENTARY TICKET REQUEST” and attach your receipts for tickets to ALL shows. (The easiest way to do this is forward your Trybooking receipt and change the subject line.)

Step 3: We will refund the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets in Trybooking for the value of 2 x Adult Tickets. This will maintain the validity of your tickets. 

Performer Requirements:

Toddler Dance, Creative Dance, Prep Dance girls require:

  • Ballet Shoes – leather OR canvas

  • Ballet Tights in either Ballet Pink (to match canvas shoes) OR Salmon Pink (to match leather shoes)

  • Undergarment – Beige Leotard or Briefs

Creative Jazz & Tap/Mini Jazz & Tap girls require:

  • Tan Tap Shoes

  • Ballet Shoes (leather or canvas) OR Jazz Shoes (tan coloured)

  • Ballet Tights in either Ballet Pink (to match canvas shoes) OR Salmon Pink (to match leather shoes)

  • Undergarment – Beige Leotard or Briefs

Toddler Dance, Creative Dance, Prep Dance boys require:

  • Black Leggings

  • Black Socks

  • Black Ballet Shoes – leather or canvas


Creative Jazz & Tap/Mini Jazz & Tap boys require:

  • Black Leggings

  • Black Socks

  • Black Tap Shoes

  • Black Ballet Shoes OR Tap Shoes





We highly recommend that all girls have a dance undergarment to wear underneath their costumes such as a leotard or plain high cut briefs in a beige colour. No bright colours, patterns, images, boy leg or low cut as these will be seen under costumes. This is a suitable style available from Bonds - https://www.bonds.com.au/girls-bikini-4pk-uzr14a-a36.html. Boys may wear underwear of their choice under their black leggings.



Should be in the closest shade to the colour of your child’s ballet shoes – Ballet Pink (to match canvas shoes) or Salmon Pink (to match leather shoes). Jazz & Tap performers to not need a second pair of tights this year – they will wear ballet tights for all dances. If your child does Jazz & Tap only, please get the Salmon Pink colour. We sell KNJ brand tights at our uniform shop in both Ballet Pink and Salmon Pink.



Ballet shoes from any reputable dancewear brand are acceptable. These can be canvas or leather, split sole or full sole, in a ballet pink or beige colour (girls) or black (boys). These should come with one or two elastics pre-sewn across the foot – no ribbons. We sell MDM brand shoes (canvas) at our uniform shop.


Tap Shoes and Jazz Shoes should be tan coloured (girls) or black coloured (boys). We sell PW brand tap shoes and MDM brand jazz shoes at our uniform shop.



Tights and leotards can be ordered on our website and picked up at your child's class. All shoes need to be tried on so please see the reception desk at Milton or Clayfield. Alternatively, all items are available from the following dancewear stores - Bloch (Fortitude Valley), Sue's Shop (Indooroopilly), Step By Step (Brendale). We do not recommend purchasing dance shoes or tights from discount retailers like Kmart/Big W etc.



While we normally encourage makeup for performances in a professional theatre, it is optional for all performers for the Showcases. If your child would like to wear some makeup we suggest - foundation, powder, blush/bronzer, brown eyeshadow, brown/black eyeliner & mascara, red stay-fast lipstick. Please no coloured eyeshadows or glitter.


Girls should wear their hair in a neat ballet bun secured at the centre back of the head with a strong hair elastic, hair net, bun pins and lots of hairspray. Boys and girls with short hair styles should have hair styled neatly off the face with hairspray/gel.


Tips for a great ballet bun:

  • Here is a good tutorial on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Loypr_bsFo

  • Things you will definitely need: Hair pins & hair net (matching your child’s hair colour), strong hair tie, hairspray, brush.

  • Things you might need: Mousse/gel, bobby pins, fine comb, small bun donut.

  • Hair pins are longer than a bobby pin and are more of a “U” or “V” shape. These are much easier for securing a bun. You may need a few bobby pins to help secure some sections if your child has shorter hair.

  • All items should be available at Woolworths/Coles, local pharmacies, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline etc.

  • Clean hair is not your friend in this case! We recommend withholding from hair washing for a few days before the performance. Mousse or gel applied first will help hold hair in place if needed.

  • Start with a firm, slick ponytail at the back of the head (not on top). Spray with hairspray and smooth any wispy bits back with a fine comb. It’s okay if there are lumps and bumps close to the hair tie as they will be covered by the bun.

  • If needed, try back combing the pony tail before making the bun shape to create extra volume. Then wind the pony tail around itself into a bun shape and secure with hair pins at the base before wrapping with a hair net and adding extra pins to hold it in place.

  • A small children’s bun donut may be used for very fine/short hair only. Please no large bun donuts.

  • Please no glitter spray or other accessories. Headpieces will be added for the performance.

  • Finish with LOTS of hairspray!